sat-nms ACU-ODU-AC Outdoor Cabinet

For easy replacement of your present antenna control system as well as for new systems, we have developed the sat-nms ACU-ODU-AC. The electronics of the sat-nms ACU-ODU-AC is built into an outdoor cabinet that can be mounted directly to the antenna. Together with our sat-nms LBRX Beacon Receiver, you have a complete antenna tracking system.

The following picture shows an outdoor cabinet. The look and the arrangement of the units may vary depanding on your demand.

No.   Component
1      sat-nms ACU-ODM
2      power supplies for sat-nms ACU-ODM
3      Frequency Inverters
4      Solid State Relays
5      Circuit Breakers
6      Contactor
7      Mains Terminal
7a    terminal for POL Motor 
7b    terminal for Limit Switches and Emergency Stop
8      Heater
8a    Thermostat for Heater
9      optional 110V Transformator for POL Motor
10    optional for Power Socket
11    optional Beacon Receiver (n.a. on this picture)
12    optional Interface for sat-nms RCP19
13    optional Ethernet Switch
n.a.  optional Air Ventilation     

The sat-nms ACU-ODU-AC is interoperable with Andrew, Vertex and NEC Antennas and Systems.