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Since 2006, Viprinet is building innovative network components and is the inventor of a patented bonding technology that allows the real aggregation of bandwidths of different Wide Area Network Connections.

Viprinet combines any types of lines: ADSL, SDSL, UMTS/HSPA+, LTE, Ethernet or satellite links, and makes these appear as a single line towards the LAN. That way, the sum of the upstream and downstream bandwidths of the lines are available even for single downloads.

SatService is registered partner, providing not only the delivery of equipment but also consulting, support and integration of the different Viprinet solutions.

Viprinet Product Line

Viprinet Products

Multichannel VPN Router
Viprinet Router

With this modular Multichannel VPN routers from Viprinet it is possible to combine up to six WAN connections of different providers to one secure, reliable and fast Internet link. Different models of Multichannel VPN Routers are available for your application, from mobile communications, fast company connectivity in remote areas, flexible site-to-site connections, to large networks.

Mobile Multichannel VPN Router
Viprinet Mobile Router

The Multichannel VPN Routers are designed especially for mobile applications due to their robust and power saving layout and the included 4 mobile radio links (and 4 SIM card slots) and one Gigabit Ethernet Port. They come with 12 antennas (8xLTE, 3x WiFi and 1x GPS) and 8 SMA connectors for the alternative use of external antennas.

Multichannel VPN Hub
Viprinet Hub

Multichannel VPN Hub are needed for establishing a Viprinet network. Hubs are the endpoint of the VPN connections from the remote routers. Data sent through the VPN tunnel by all routers is being reassembled and decrypted, before it will be forwarded to its original destination on the Internet.

Hotplug Module
Viprinet Hotplug Modules

Hot Plug Modules will be equip to the Viprinet Multichannel VPN Routers to use an arbitrary combination of Internet access technologies within one router. Hot Plug Modules could be installed and removed without any interruption to running data transfers on other modules. This modular approach allows to add new technologies to existing routers. It secures your investments and provides a future proof solution for you Viprinet network.

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