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SatCom Products from our Partners

In addition to to our Turnkey Solutions as system integrator SatService GmbH sells and supports also a range of selected products in the field of satellite ground stations. Due to our good relations to almost all manufacturers we can deliver to you high quality products in a cost-effective way:

Products from AnaCom, INC. like:

  • RackSat Converters
  • Baby BUCs
  • AnaSat Transceivers
  • SSPA Products
  • 1+1 Protection Switches

Products from ATEME like:

  • Contribution and Broadcast Encoder
  • Transcoder
  • Integrated Receiver Decoder
  • Multiplexer

Products from Newtec like:

  • Modulators
  • Demodulators
  • Modems

Products from LP Technologies like:

  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Carrier Monitoring Systems

Block Upconverter from Terrasat like:

  • C-Band IBUC
  • Ku-Band IBUC
  • X-Band IBUC
  • DBS-Band IBUC
  • BUC and LNA Redundancy Systems

Products from Viprinet like:

  • Multichannel VPN Router
  • Multichannel VPN Hubs
  • Hotplug Modules for ADSL2, LTE, UMTS, HSPA+, GPRS, EDGE
  • Accessories