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SatService is convinced of the high quality and advanced technology of Newtec products by ST Engineering iDirect (Europe) . Therefore, SatService has been integrating Newtec equipment in it's own system solutions for many years. Accordingly, we have now extended and deepened these already existing business relations: SatService GmbH is an official Newtec Business Partner for Germany and Switzerland.

Take advantage of our partnership and send us your inquiries! We do not only care about your system solution, but also supply you with every single unit or replacement part. We are looking forward submitting you an attractive offer! Please contact us.

Below you find an overview about the highlight from the Newtec product portfolio. If you looking for other products from ST Engineering iDirect (Europe), please let us know and we are happy to help you with all  necessary information.


Newtec Modulator

Newtec satellite modulators supporting DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2X and Newtec’s DVB-S2 Extensions and are available both in IF and L-band. They operate between 50 kbaud and 133 Mbaud at rates up to 425 Mbit/s. They are suited for a wide range of applications due to unique features such as combined GbE and ASI inputs, linear and non-linear pre-distortion or embedded IP encapsulation. Technologies such as Equalink, FlexACM, Multistream and Clean Channel Technology provide for maximum throughput under all satellite link conditions.

Available models are:

  • M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator (DVB-S2X,DVB-S2,DVB-DSNG,-DVB-S)
  • EL170 IP Satellite Modulator
  • EL178 High Speed IP Satellite Modulator


Newtec Dialog Platform
Newtec Dialog

The Newtec Dialog platform is a scalable and flexible multiservice satellite communications platform that allows satellite service providers to build and adapt their network easily as their business grows. Newtec Dialog will secure the future of operators, giving them the power to offer a variety of mobile and fixed services while making hassle-free decisions on the technology to use. The Newtec Dialog platform provides the scalability, flexibility and efficiency required to run successful operations over satellite.

Key Features are:

  • Supports multiple satellites, multiple frequency bands, regular and spot beam satellites
  • Scalable from five to +100.000s of terminals
  • Highly efficient DVB-S2X and DVB-S2 ACM in the forward link
  • Choice between SCPC, MF-TDMA and patented Newtec Mx-DMA as return link technology
  • Hierarchical QoS management with seven classes
  • Advanced Network Management System capabilities, both GUI and API
  • SatLink Manager for satellite resource allocation, reservation and automated link setup or teardown

Newtec Dialog installations are build of Newtec Satellite Modems integrated into Newtec Dialog Hub Modules

  • MDM2200/MDM2500 IP Satellite Modem
  • MDM3100/MDM3300 IP Satellite Modem
  • MDM5000 Satellite Modem


Modems and Demodulators
Newtec Modems

The new satellite modem portfolio from Newtec includes products for all kind of applications: from consumers to enterprise markets, for service providers, governments and even large-scale operations over satellite requiring higher speed returns. The modems supports the newest technologies like DVB-S2X, Mx-DMA, Wideband (up to 133 Mbaud) and much more. Please refer to the datasheets for a list of all features.   

These models are also available as Demodulator Only version:

  • MDM6000 Satellite Modem (DVB-S2, DVB-S2X)
  • MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem (DVB-S2X, DVB-S2, DVB-S)
  • MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway (DVB-S2, DVB-S2X)
  • MDM9000 Satellite Modem for Intelligence Gathering applications, WGS and MilSatCom Networks

Designed for the Newtec Dialog Platform:

  • MDM2200/2500 IP Satellite Modem
  • MDM3100/3300 IP Satellite Modem
  • MDM5000 Satellite Modem


Satellite Hubs
Newtec Hubs

Newtec delivers state-of-the-art satellite hubs designed for IP applications over satellite, in full compliance with DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X standards. All incorporating the latest high-end RF optimization features a complete suite of IP processing capabilities for maximum flexibility to meet any business application.

  • EL501 Hub
  • HUB6000
  • Sat3Play IP Broadband Hub


Network Optimization
Newtec Network Optimization

To improve the performance of IP over Satellite links, Newtec offers products for network optimization. It includes Superior TCP acceleration, HTTP, FTP and SMB (CIFS) acceleration, Traffic aggregation, multiplexing and compression, Traffic shaping and Qualtity of service in an Out-of-the-box solution.

  • NOP1815 Enterprise PEP-Box Gateway (Client-side Appliance)
  • NOP1830 PEP-Box Gateway (Client-side Appliance)
  • NOP1838 High Speed PEP-Box Gateway (Client-side Appliance)
  • NOP1840 PEP-Box Server (Server-side Appliance)
  • NOP1848 High Speed PEP-Box Server (Server-side Appliance)


Satellite Terminals
Newtec Terminals

Newtec provides the best combinations of Modems, BUCs, LNB’s and antenna’s for your network application. The Newtec modems can be combined with a performant ODU portfolio. The BUC’s and LNB’s have been selected to provide optimal performance.

  • SAT2200 Satellite Terminal
  • SAT3100 Satellite Terminal
  • SAT3300 Satellite Terminal



Frequency Converter
Newtec Frequency Converter

Newtec has a complete portfolio of Frequency Converters for broadcast, telco and IP Satellite applications including Upconverters, Downconverters, Up & Down-converters, L-band Upconverters and Combiners.

These products offer the highest signal quality, thanks to the high frequency stability, very low spurious characteristics and high linearity over the entire bandwidth; as well as extensive coverage of all transponder frequencies (IF, L, C, Ku and DBS band).

  • FRC0710 Upconverter
  • FRC0720 Downconverter
  • FRC0730 Up and Down Converter
  • FRC0740 L-band Block Upconverter
  • FRC0750 Active L-Band Combiner and Upconverter


Redundancy Switches
Newtec Redundancy Switches

Newtec’s Redundancy Switches can be used in any satcom application and are designed to switch any type of data stream or modulated signals.These units provides the best redundancy switching solution for the Newtec's Modulators, Demodulators, Modems and Frequency Converters.

  • USS0202 Universal Redundancy Switch
  • USS0203 Universal Redundancy Switch Extension Unit
  • USS0212 1+1 Redundancy Switch