Terrasat Interface Units

Terrasat's Interface Unit (IFU) provides a cost effective solution for applications requiring separate indoor power supplies and/or 10MHz reference.

Optional 4:1 Combiner and 1:4 Divider Modules are available for multi-carrier operations.

IFU Features

The IFU is configurable with options to allow different applications.

  • Power Supply for BUCs to 25W Cband, 20W Xband and 16W Kuband
  • Option for LNB power supply
  • Provides 10MHz reference for BUCs and LNBs.
  • Multiplexes DC power and 10MHz on the IFL Coax Cable.
  • Passes FSK M&C signals to/from FSK-equipped modems.
  • Standard 19" rack with 1HU
  • Powered from AC mains (100-120VAC or 200-240VAC)
  • Simple, plug-and-play installation requires no on-site configuration
  • Optional 4:1 Combiner and 1:4 Divider Modules for multi-carrier operations
  • Connectors: N(f) 50W, F(f)75W oder SMA(f)