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Events 2021

Please find below an overview of upcoming events in 2020 with participation of SatService GmbH

July 2021

08.-10- September 2021 : Satellite Show, Washington / USA, togehter with Calian SED at booth 7051

December 2020

03.-06.12.2021 : IBC, Amsterdam / Netherlands, SatService Booth: 1.F47, Hall 1



Farewell Michael Ulbricht, Managing Director - Welcome Michael Ulbricht Senior Consultant

28.05.2021 16:56

Michael UlbrichtThe year 2021 is a very special one. Not only for SatService GmbH, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, but for the whole industry, indeed for the whole world. We are happy that all our employees and their families have remained healthy so far and that SatService continues to operate successful and stable in the market despite the pandemic.But another important event is casting its shadow ahead: the founder and managing director Michael Ulbricht is leaving the command bridge of SatService on 1st June of 2021. This was already planned in 2019, when he brought the second managing director Wilfried Megger on board and sold his SatService company shares to Calian Group Ltd.

We all look back on our joint successes with joy, pride and gratitude. Michael Ulbricht founded the company, built it up and made it into what it is today: an innovative and reliable partner for all users and providers of professional ground-based satellite communication.

“Michael Ulbricht has been an excellent leader for his staff, a steadfast partner in business and wonderful ambassador for SatService and Calian,” said Patrick Thera, President Advanced Technologies, Calian. “We wish him all the best and are grateful for his continued support as he changes his focus to help us with strategic initiatives. Since acquiring SatService in April 2019, their organization has thrived on the leadership of Michael and Wilfried and we have had opportunities to combine our satellite communications capabilities for even further growth. This is just the beginning of a new era for our combined organization under Calian.”

And we are all the more grateful to be able to welcome Mr Ulbricht to our ranks after his active time as Managing Director. As a senior consultant, he will continue to serve the company, the partners and the management as an important and competent contact person with all his knowledge and experience. We are looking forward to continuing our successful cooperation.

SatService celebrates its 25th anniversary

09.04.2021 12:28

25 Years SatService GmbH

Innovation is the success story of consolidated cohesion. SatService has been operating according to this principle for 25 years now. Cooperation with customers who have been loyal to us for years and who encourage but also challenge us in our efforts to deliver quality, innovation and service. Business partners and suppliers who help us ensure our success for 25 years. And last but not least, the SatService team, without whom there would have been not this wonderful success story.

With a proven team around the founder Michael Ulbricht and the new managing director Wilfried Megger SatService will continue to stand for innovative solutions in the field of satellite communication, be it with our own sat-nms product line, high quality products of our business partners or in the realization of turn-key ground stations including design and engineering.

We - the entire SatService team - are looking forward to another 25 years of intensive exchange for the benefit of our customers. Due to Covid19 we are not able to celebrate this beautiful anniversary with you personally. But we are still looking forward to seeing you again soon, be it on a construction site, at your company premises, at a trade show or in Steisslingen. Stay with us!

How-To replace an obsolete 7200 ACU

24.03.2021 17:02

SatService has it´s own solution for replacing a 7200 ACU by the fully compatible model sat-nms ACU2-19V2.

Read our latest White Paper for more information.

sat-nms ACU2-19V2

Vierländerregion Bodensee

19.03.2021 08:03

Vierländerregion BodenseeWe are happy to be part of a great community here at the lake of Konstanz in - read more (german article):



Whitepaper released

08.12.2020 09:56

We released a new white paper about secure design of Monitoring & Control System for SATCOM environments.

Feel free to download and read.

You are invited to discuss with us your requirements and approaches.

Our new SatService Logo

17.02.2020 17:40

New SatService Logo

As already mentioned in the news, Michael Ulbricht has sold his shares of SatService Gesellschaft für Kommunikationssysteme mbH (SatService) to the Calian Group Ltd. (TSX:CGY, www.calian.com) last year.
SatService will continue to operate as a German subsidiary of Calian in collaboration with Calian SED (www.sedsystems.ca), the systems solutions entity of Calian's Advanced Technology segment. Our new logo proudly represents this new organization.

This new brand symbolizes the beginning of a new era of possibilities for SatService as part of Calian, but also to ensure our customers that SatService will continue business in their well-known and proven matter. We´re looking forward to stay in touch under the new brand!



29.08.2019 09:01

Two important events in September cast their shadows before: the GOSATCOM in Munich and the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam.

SatService will be available on both events and looking forward to meet you to discuss the latest trends and technologies and evaluate how we can help you to manage the more and more complex challanges within satellite communication.    

Fix even today an appointment with us, we´re looking forward to meeting you !

AngaCom 2019

02.05.2019 14:29

One year passed by, and we are again looking forward welcoming you in Cologne at AngaCom 2019: booth L43, hall 8! See you there soon!

Acquisition of SatService

02.04.2019 12:00

Since 1996 successfully delivers SatService Gesellschaft für Kommunikationssysteme mbH satellite ground stations, and the associated SatCom equipment of their business partners and their own sat-nms product family.

Now, effective 1st of April 2019, Michael Ulbricht has sold his shares of SatService Gesellschaft für Kommunikationssysteme mbH (SatService) to the Calian Group Ltd. (TSX:CGY, www.calian.com). SatService will continue its operation as German company under the direction of Calian System Engineering Division (SED, www.sedsystems.ca) which also work and operate in the field of satellite ground stations.

"We are pleased to become part of the Calian SED team and increase our coverage of the satellite ground station market”, stated Michael Ulbricht, former owner of SatService. "I am also very pleased to continue as managing director for the next few years to support and grow the business that I have dedicated more than 20 years to. As always, my team and I will support our customers with innovative engineering and rock-solid implementations."


IBC 2018

11.09.2018 09:45

SatService GmbH attends IBC 2018 in Amsterdam. Come and visit our booth F.47 in hall 1 and our team at Ateme booth 1.D71!

We are looking forward to your visit and we would like to discuss your upcoming SATCOM projects.

AngaCom 2018

22.05.2018 15:26

One year passed by, and we are again looking forward welcoming you in Cologne at AngaCom 2018: booth R23, hall 8! See you there soon!

SatService and LP Technologies at IBC 2017 presents new LPT-ASM and WEB-SPECTRUM

29.08.2017 16:42

LP Technologies Inc. (LPT), a leader in spectrum monitoring solutions, and SatService GmbH (SatService), a European satellite integration and ground station product manufacturer, announce that they will partner again at IBC to jointly present their latest solutions and top of the line products.

SatService is an official distributor of LP Technologies products in Europe, so along with their own systems solutions, they also resell LPT’s affordable spectrum analyzers and signal monitoring systems.

SatService GmbH and LP Technologies, Inc. will be at Booth # 1.F47 during the IBC exhibition at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre between September 15th and 19th, 2017. Together, they will introduce LPT-ASM 2.3.3 and WEB-SPECTRUM 1.1.0. The system delivers a powerful, effective, and cost-effective carrier monitoring and interference detection solution that is unmatched.

Please find more details in our press release.

Hessischer Rundfunk (ARD) Selects ATEME/SatService to Service its DVB-T2 Premium TV & OTT Offer

24.05.2017 14:41

SatService today announced that Hessischer Rundfunk, one of the ARD members, a public broadcaster in Germany, has deployed ATEME’s compression and statistical multiplexing solutions for its DVB-T2 and OTT services. Its brand new HEVC statmux headend uses ATEME TITAN full-software solution for delivering 15 full-HD channels with premium video quality. The solution was supplied by SatService GmbH, an ATEME business partner and product distributor for the DACH region.

ATEME is the leading vendor of pure-software encoding solutions highlighted by the TITAN software family that delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates for cable, DTT, DTH and OTT. ATEME’s software modules approach provides even more flexibility to combine:  any input/output, any CODEC, any resolution, from an encoder to a video headend in a box.

“We are pleased to announce having selected ATEME to service our new DVB-T2 converged headend,” said Jörg-Peter Jost, Senior Engineer at Hessischer Rundfunk.  “We decided to deploy the TITAN solution to deliver our premium services with the highest video quality on all kinds of end user devices. The end-to-end solution by ATEME provides us with the full flexibility we need today in terms of hardware abstraction, third party integration and custom service oriented operations under an unified management system (AMS).”

“Together with ATEME we are proud to deliver this full-software solution,” said Kai Koppenburg, sales director at SatService. “It enables cost-effective creation of live OTT channels, data-center economics and allows greater operational efficiencies.”

Igor Stankovic, EMEA Sales Manager at ATEME said: “TITAN is the ideal solution for converged headend, servicing main and multi-screen applications. As the industry moves to all-IP full-software video solutions fostering unparalleled benefits, more and more tier 1 broadcasters and service providers approve, adopt and deploy ATEME TITAN solutions all over the globe.”


AngaCom 2017

28.04.2017 09:28

One year passed by, and we are again looking forward welcoming you in Cologne at AngaCom 2017: booth E70, hall 7! See you there soon!

Introduction of new L-Band Beacon Receiver LBRX81

17.03.2017 13:42

SatService GmbH introduces it’s new sat-nms LBRX L-Band Beacon Receiver series for up to 8 satellite signals.

The unique feature of this unit is its 8:1 signal input switch that allows to connect up to 8 different signals that are selected automatically relating to the selected frequency and polarization.

In addition to both polarizations of Low and High Ku-band, simply connect also both polarizations of C-band and /or X-band to the same unit. This gives full flexibility to track with one antenna satellites with beacons in different frequency bands.

The typical application of this receiver is antenna tracking, where the receiver provides the tracking signal level to the antenna step-track controller. Other applications can be pilot measurement and control loops like uplink power control.

Please find here the datasheet for the DIN-Rail Module and the datasheet for the Rack-Mount Version.

SatService start distribution of LP Technologies products

26.08.2016 11:47

We are happy to announce that SatService GmbH and LP Technologies Inc. have signed a distribution agreement, allowing SatService to sell LPT’s affordable spectrum analyzers and software products.

For a complete list of LP Technologies products, please refer to our new website section.

If you have any questions or requirements for spectrum analysers or spectrum monitoring software do not hesitate to contact us.

IBC 2016

22.06.2016 11:04

SatService GmbH attends IBC 2016 in Amsterdam. Come and visit our booth F.47 in hall 1 and our team at Ateme booth 1.D71!

SatService will present this year the following equipment at booth 1F.47:

  • our sat-nms ACU19V2 – Improved Antenna Tracking Controller,
  • our sat-nms KU2BRX19 – Ku-Band Beacon Receiver,
  • our sat-nms LFTX/RX – Fibre Optical Link System,
  • our sat-nms MNC / NMS – Software for Satellite Ground Stations,
  • LPT-3000RX4– Remote Spectrum Analyzer from LP Technologies

As official Business Partners of Anacom, Ateme, Newtec, Terrasat, Viprinet and brand new also LP Technologies we will also be available for all your questions concerning these types of equipment.

We are looking forward to your visit and we would like to discuss your upcoming SATCOM projects.

AngaCom 2016

21.04.2016 16:46

One year passed by, and we are again looking forward welcoming you in Cologne at AngaCom 2016: booth S.28, hall 10.1! See you there soon!

IBC 2015

11.08.2015 19:04

SatService GmbH attends IBC 2015 in Amsterdam. Come and visit our booth F.47 in hall 1! We are looking forward to your visit and we would like to discuss your upcoming SATCOM projects.
We exibit selected sat-nms products and we showcase our sat-nms MNC Monitoring & Control System.

AngaCom 2015

26.03.2015 15:46

One year passed by, and we are again looking forward welcoming you in Cologne at AngaCom 2015: booth S.28, hall 10.1! See you there soon!

New Sales Structure

04.02.2015 10:20

According to the the continuous company growth over the last years, SatService GmbH has extended its sales structure. For more details, please see here.


07.10.2014 17:44

Since October 1st, 2014 SatService GmbH is Distribution Partner of ATEME! We care for customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

IBC 2014

18.08.2014 14:52

SatService GmbH attends IBC for the 10th time! Come and visit our booth F.47 in hall 1! We are looking forward to your visit.

Distributor Reviews for Viprinet

21.07.2014 10:00

If you are looking for distributor reviews for Viprinet, please click here: Viprinet Video. This link and more information about Viprinet can also be found on our Website.

Press Release Viprinet Router 510 at IBC 2014

18.07.2014 17:48

SatService GmbH is going to present the Viprinet Router 510 at IBC 2014. For more details please click here: Press Release.

Press Release sat-nms SMU

18.07.2014 17:21

Here you will find our press release concerning our sat-nms SMU: Press Release
Have fun while reading!

New Brochure

15.05.2014 14:07

Have a look at our new company brochure: SatService GmbH Brochure.

AngaCom 2014

23.04.2014 15:36

We are looking forward welcoming you at our Booth U.28 in Hall 10.1 at AngaCom 2014! See you there soon!

Job Vacancy

13.03.2014 13:00

SatService GmbH is looking for a Communication Technician, an Electronic Technician or a Mechatronic Technician. Please send us your application! For further details please see here: Job Description.


06.09.2013 11:32

SatService presents its new DC Inserter sat-nms LDCI at IBC 2013.


28.08.2013 11:04

SatService GmbH is now official partner of Viprinet for sales, integration and consulting. Your benefit: with Viprinet routers, any cable types such as UMTS/HSPA+, LTE, ADSL, SDSL, Ethernet or satellite links are bundled via a secure VPN connection.

Press Release sat-nms QMON

31.07.2013 17:51

SatService GmbH will proudly present its new product range family member sat-nms QMON at IBC 2013. Have a look at our Press Release!


26.06.2013 15:07

You will now find new information about the Terrasat LNB Redundancy System by clicking here: Terrasat LNB Redundancy System.


16.05.2013 12:53

SatService GmbH welcomes you for the first time with its own Booth E.51 in Hall 10.2 at ANGACOM 2013!


30.04.2013 14:37

Newtec launched its new MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem at NAB 2013: This is a next generation DVB-S, DVB-S2 and S2 Extensions Modem especially designed for broadcast applications with the latest modulation schemes, multistream transmission and wideband transponder support. The MDM6100 can act as a modem, modulator or demodulator, and can be used in conjunction with set-top boxes, professional Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRD) and satellite demodulators to migrate existing networks towards a more efficient S2 modulation in a smooth manner. Website.


18.04.2013 15:19

SatService finished its tests with Windows 8 Professional 65-bit and is proud to announce that our sat-nms Monitoring & Control und Network Management Client Software works smoothly together with Windows 8. We will support our customers to run the client software on this new plattform.


19.03.2013 15:44

You can get our sat-nms LFTXRX now also as a stand-alone single box module! Have a look at our new sat-nms LFTXRX-S: Datasheet - Website.


13.09.2012 16:59

Thank you for your visit at our booth at IBC 2012! SatService will again participate in 2013. See you there!


03.09.2012 16:56

Based on the high sophisticated sat-nms ACU-ODM Core Module SatService GmbH provides now another solution, the sat-nms ACU-RMU. It is again completely integrated; also the frequency inverters are inside. So the same functionality is now delivered in a 19” 6RU equipment drawer that can be integrated in an equipment room or in an antenna shelter: Datasheet - Website.


08.08.2012 16:18

The sat-nms QMON Quality Monitoring System is based on the well-known and widely distributed sat-nms MNC Monitoring & Control System. It will be used for monitoring the receive RF performance of satellite transponders used for video/audio/IP broadcasting like signal level, signal to noise ratio and channel bit error rate. Datasheet - Website.


16.07.2012 15:38

Our new sat-nms IMC19G Impedance Converter Chassis for Satellite Ground Station Applications is an integrated standard 19” rack mount solution. A minimum of 10 impedance converters are installed and the chassis can be upgraded in steps of 5 up to a total of 20. Two different versions of impedance converters can operate either solely in L-Band with low loss or broadband from 50 to 2200MHz. For more details please refer to our datasheet or the corresponding website.


03.07.2012 15:06

SatService GmbH developed a new member of its successful fibre optical transmission systems: the sat-nms LFODU Optical Link Outdoor Cabinet. It provides a safe environmental home for Qty. 10 or 20 of the already proven sat-nms LFTX and sat-nms LFRX Modules. The same modules can be used in this outdoor application as well as in the existing indoor 19” rack-mount chassis. Please click here or have a look at the website.


15.09.2011 14:56

Thank you for all that visited us at our SatService booth at IBC2011 to see our sat-nms MX Mini Matrix. We will see us again next year.


15.08.2011 14:23

SatService presents its new sat-nms MiniMatrix at IBC 2011. Have a look at the new member of our sat-nms product family! For more information please click here and have a look at our website.


17.03.2011 12:21

We are proud to introduce our new Sales Partner "EdgeOpia Global Solutions" for all products of the sat-nms family for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. More information is available here.


22.09.2010 13:19

A new option for the Terrasat IBUC - the Intellegent Block Up Converter - is now available: an internal 10MHz reference. The Internal 10MHz reference option automatically switches to internal reference when external reference is not available. More information is available here.


22.02.2010 12:18

SatService is proud to announce the availablity of Terrasat IBUC (Block Up Converter) with integrated power supply for all frequency bands and power levels. For more information please click here.


24.09.2009 13:17

SatService is proud to announce that Terrasat IBUC - the Intellegent Block Up Converter - now cover a new frequency band: 17.3-18.1 GHz. For details please click here.


20.08.2009 13:15

SatService GmbH introduces an Upgrade Kit to retrofit ACS 3000 Antenna Control Systems from ACS or formerly Andrew with its sat-nms ACU-ODM Module - a state-of-the-art antenna control and step-track system integrated directly in the antenna control box. For more details please click here.


12.08.2009 13:08

SatService is pleased to announce its new sat-nms RMC Radiometer Controller and sat-nms RMD Radiometer Detector Modules. The modules are developed and manufactured by SatService GmbH.
The two new modules are the core of a radiometer to measure the atmospheric attenuation and water vapor content for satellite communication and scientific applications. The modules can be used to build new radiometers or to retrofit old radiometers with state-of-the-art electronics and software. For more information, please see here.


09.03.2009 12:06

SatService is proud to announce that Terrasat IBUC - the Intellegent Block Up Converter - now covers a new Frequency Band: 12,75-13,25GHz (Low KU-Band)
For details please see here.


05.02.2009 12:05

SatService is proud to announce the availablity of the new High-Power Terrasat X-Band IBUCs (Block Upconverter) with the following power levels of 100W, 125W, 150W, 175W und 200W (P1dB across temperature and freq. range). Please read our datasheet for more detailed information.


15.01.2009 12:04

A.R.G introduced the new I-Mux Inverse Multiplexers combining up to 8 E1/T1 lines for error free high speed transfer of DVB-ASI and IP data.


02.09.2008 13:03

SatService Gesellschaft für Kommunikationssysteme is pleased to announce its new sat-nms ACU19 Antenna Controller for Satellite Ground Station Applications at IBC in Amsterdam (Hall 1, Booth F55). This specific new model is dedicated to small satellite ground station antennas which are motorized with DC motors. Please read our datasheet for more information.


27.08.2008 13:01

SatService Gesellschaft für Kommunikationssysteme is pleased to introduce its improved sat-nms LFTX/RX10 L-Band Fiber Optical Links including 10MHz transmission. The novelity is that the commonly used 10MHz reference frequency which is multiplexed on the L-Band signal for a BUC (block up-converter) by a satellite modem can now be transferred via the same fiber optical link. Please read our datasheet for more information.


24.06.2008 12:59

SatService is pleased to announce its new and more compact version of the sat-nms LRXD14 L-Band Distributor for Satellite Ground Terminals. It is designed for satellite ground terminals where a 19zoll rackmount unit is not possible due to space limitations, for example in satellite news gathering terminals. For more information see our datasheet.


03.06.2008 12:58

SatService is now your local partner in Germany for consulting, sales, training, support und consumable supplies for Circuit Board Plotter from MITS / Japan.


03.09.2007 12:57

SatService is pleased to introduce at IBC exhibition in Amsterdam its improved sat-nms LFTXRX L-Band Fiber Optical Links including 10MHz transmission. For more information, please click here.


20.08.2007 12:56

SatService is pleased to announce that the first Satellite News Gathering Station successfully passed acceptance test and were delivered to SRG idée suisse Media Services, the Swiss Broadcasting Organization.


05.05.2007 12:58

SatService is pleased to announce that delivery of another 4 TOPolino Satellite News Gathering Station to SRG idée suisse Media Services, the Swiss Broadcasting organization.


30.11.2006 11:53

To reflect SatService interest in the Asian Satcom Market, SatService is sponsor of the "Focus on Asia 2006" supplement to the December issue of Via Satellite.


22.09.2006 12:54

Terrasat announces that all IBUCs now shipping are SNMP-compatible. SNMP is the de facto standard for network management. The IBUC is the first in the industry to deliver this capability. This marks a significant step in Terrasats vision for the industry - intelligent BUCs that give customers options for managing their remote RF. For more information, please see here.


22.09.2006 12:52

Update of Company Experiences webpage.


07.09.2006 12:50

SatService is pleased to announce at the IBC show in Amsterdam its new products: the sat-nms LSM L-Band Switch Matrix with optical interfaces and the sat-nms LFTX/RX L-Band Fiber Optical Links.


07.09.2006 12:49

SatService is pleased to announce at the IBC show in Amsterdam its new sat-nms IO-FEP M&C Frontend Processor for Monitoring & Control applications in satellite ground stations. Click here for more information.


07.09.2006 12:47

SatService is pleased to announce the availability of a rack mountable 1HU Version of our sat-nms LBRX L-Band Beacon Receiver. For more information, please click here.


27.07.2006 12:46

Subscribe to the SatService Newsletter. and receive all news and facts about SatService and the sat-nms product family via e-mail.


26.06.2006 12:45

Join us at the IBC in Amsterdam 8-12 September, 2006., SatService is located in Hall 1, booth 553.


01.12.2005 11:24

Cross Technologies introduces the following new products: L-Band to C-Band Block Converter, S-Band Frequency Converter and a 10MHz Reference with high stability (±0.01 ppm). For more information, please click here.


06.09.2005 12:41

SatService enhances its sat-nms NMS Network Management Solution with three new modules: Carrier Monitoring (sat-nms CSM), Link Management (sat-nms LM) and MNC over Satellite Channel (sat-nms SCC).


01.09.2005 12:40

SatService is pleased to announce its brand new sat-nms LRXD L-Band Distributor for satellite ground stations. For detailed information please see here.


30.08.2005 12:39

SatService is pleased to announce the upgrade of its sat-nms ACU-ODM Antenna Control Module with Step-Tracking Capability. For detailed information please click here.


25.08.2005 12:38

Join us at the IBC in Amsterdam 9-13 September, 2005., SatService is located in Hall 1, booth 154.


25.04.2005 12:29

Take a look at our sat-nms Demo System and see our sat-nms Step-Track System live in action. The demo system provides access to an Antenna Control System for an 1.8m Antenna operational at SatService GmbH performing step-track together with a sat-nms LBRX Beacon Receiver.


20.04.2005 12:28

Release of the new satservicegmbh.de website.


22.02.2005 11:25

Release of the new satnms.com homepage with detailed descriptions, user manuals, and datasheets.


22.12.2004 11:21

SatService released the new Driver Development Kit for the sat-nms MNC and sat-nms NMS Systems.


08.09.2004 12:20

SatService will now market equipment from Cross Technologies, for example, Frequency and Test Converters. For more information, please see here.


08.09.2004 12:18

SatService is pleased to announce its new sat-nms ACU Antenna Control and Step-Track System for Satellite Ground Station Applications. For more information, please click here.


08.09.2004 12:17

SatService annouces the new Electrical Motorized 1.8 and 2.4m Antenna for satellite ground terminals. For more information see here.


25.08.2004 12:10

Join us at the IBC in Amsterdam 9-14 September, 2004., SatService is located in Hall 1, booth 150.


03.06.2004 12:07

Terrasat Communications introduced the IBUC - the Intelligent BUC. For more information, please click here.


12.09.2003 12:04

SatService announces the new sat-nms L-Band Beacon Receiver LBRX and sat-nms Power Sensor PS.


08.05.2003 10:48

SatService Gmbh will now distribut telecommunication and broadcast equipment of A.R.G ElectroDesign in Germany and Switzerland.