sat-nms ACU-IDU Indoor Unit

The sat-nms ACU-IDU is for customers who want to have a more classical antenna step-track system that also provides an indoor unit. This sat-nms ACU System provides even more functionality, like data archiving, adaptive tracking, tracking on the basis of Intelsat data, two line Kepler elements, graphical presentation of the angular and beacon level variation via time and other sophisticated features.

The sat-nms ACU-IDU is an industrial PC incorporating digital technology for accurate antenna tracking with high reliability, flexibility, and a user-friendly operator interface. This system is ideally suited for all kind of satellite ground station antennas.

The SatService Adaptive Tracking algorithm performs the function of conventional step-track peak signal level optimization but without the random "guessing" errors associated with predetermined fixed scan patterns.


  • Ethernet between indoor and outdoor
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time position readout and fault message reporting
  • Remote maintenance and support