sat-nms ACU-ODM Outdoor Module

The sat-nms ACU-ODM is the core module of our Antenna Control System, a state-of-the-art automatic positioning and tracking system that incorporates advanced modes and an enhanced web-based menu-driven user interface to provide accurate antenna positioning or tracking with minimum operator effort. It controls motors, monitors angle detectors, positions the antenna in all 3 axes and includes a precise adaptive step-track tracking algorithm.

The system is easy to maintain and all support can be controlled remotely. Also, the interface to high-level M&C systems is provided via Ethernet and TCP/IP.

The ACU-ODM is designed as a closed, compact module, prepared for mounting on a 35mm DIN rail. All connectors are Phoenix Contact Combicon plugs/clamps.
Inside, the sat-nms ACU-ODM consists of a main board and two or three interface boards with the circuitry for the position sensors.
These boards are different for each type of position sensor. Currently, interfaces for three types of position encoders are available with the sat-nms ACU:
  • Resolvers
  • SSI digital position encoders
  • Analog voltage based sensors

The sat-nms ACU-ODM is powered by 2 different power supplies:

  • 24V ACU: for ACU internal use, especially for the core processor
  • 24V EXT: for external signals, e.g. limit switches, drive signals, etc.