sat-nms ACU19 Antenna Controller

Two model variants are available:

sat-nms ACU19      Positioning Controller      cost-efficient Pointing
sat-nms ACU19T      Inclined Orbit Tracking      Positioning and step-track

The sat-nms ACU19 includes:

  • Three independent DC-drivers, which allow simultaneously driving of all 3 axes
  • Limit switches and alarm circuits for mechanic protection
  • Digital angle detectors with SSI interface measuring azimuth, elevation and polarization
  • A/D interface to measure the voltage across a precision potentiometer for polarization angle

Key Features

  • Web-based, user-friendly operator interface
  • Operating via front panel display and keypad
  • Step-track algorithm as option available
  • Very compact rack-mount design in 1RU
  • Integrated DC motor drivers up to 15A/24V
  • HTTP protocol for external M&C interface