sat-nms ACU19V2 - Replacement for Model 7200 Antenna Control Unit

The sat-nms ACU19V2 manufactured by SatService GmbH is an automatic tracking controller.This unit can be used as a cost-efficient antenna tracking system to replace the Vertex / General Dynamics Satcom Technologies Model 7200 Antenna Control Unit. The replacement is simple plug & play by reusing the existing cables and keeping the outdoor 7150 Antenna Drive Unit as it is.

The unit has following operation modes:
  • Manual Mode
  • Step Track
  • Adaptive Tracking
  • Program Tracking based on time stamped File Data

The sat-nms ACU19V2 includes:

  • Drive Interface compatible with 7150 Antenna Drive Unit (includes limit switches, alarms, drive control)
  • Ethernet UDP Interface for sat-nms LBRX and analog voltage interface for third party beacon receivers
  • Resolver analog angle detectors interface for azimuth, elevation, polarization
  • Optical high precision SSI interface for digital angle detectors for azimuth, elevation, polarization
  • A/D Interface to measure the voltage across a precision potentiometer for polarization angle

Key Features

  • Adaptive Step-Tracking with self-learning Orbit Model Tracking Algorithm
  • Web-based, user-friendly Operator Interface
  • Operating via Front Panel Display and Keypad
  • Very compact rack-mount Design in 1RU
  • HTTP Protocolfor external MNC Interface