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sat-nms IO-FEP I/O Frontend Processor

The sat-nms IO-FEP MNC Front-end Processor interfaces to any low level interface commonly used in satellite ground stations like equipment alarm contacts, waveguide- or coaxial-switches and other status signals. It provides opto-coupled in- and outputs and potential free relay output contacts. All these interfaces are then monitored and controlled locally in the sat-nms IO-FEP.

The unit is available in two versions:

  • sat-nms IO-FEP: 32 digital inputs and interfaces for 8 waveguide switches
  • sat-nms IO-FEP-E: 48 digital inputs and interfaces for 16 waveguide switches

You can also integrate the sat-nms IO-FEP seamlessly in our sat-nms MNC or sat-nms NMS Systems. But also the integration in other monitoring solutions is possible because of SNMP, HTTP and RS232 interfaces. The sat-nms IO-FEP works also as a stand-alone system with a user-friendly web browser interface and an integrated event and alarm log.

RF-Inhibit for HPA

As additional feature, the sat-nms IO-FEP can also perform during the switch-over of waveguide switches automatic RF-inhibit to high power amplifiers (HPA). Both cases are covered, first the selective RF inhibit in an n:1 redundant configuration of only affected HPAs. Second, if the waveguide switches used in the ground station do not provide the RF inhibit feature at all, the sat-nms IO-FEP takes care of the correct sequence in switching a waveguide switch if it is also connected to an HPA.

Redundancy Switching

The sat-nms IO-FEP includes in its software also 8 redundancy switch modules (16 for the sat-nms IO-FEP-E) so that an external redundancy switch is no longer necessary. The redundancy switching (or protection switching) module monitors the defined alarm contacts and commands the appropriate switches in case of an alarm. This may be used for an 1:1 redundancy of transmitting chains or to replace an old LNA or LNC protection controller.


  • Ethernet interface for SNMP and HTTP
  • Web browser user interface
  • Serial RS232 interface
  • 32 or 48 digital inputs
  • 6 relay outputs and 10 opto-coupler outputs
  • 8 or 16 connectors for waveguide switches
  • Includes redundancy switching functionality
  • Supports RF inhibit contacts of waveguide switches and HPAs
  • Including temperature measurement with up to 4 external PT-1000 sensors
  • Integrated alarm/ event logging
  • Compact design and mounted on a DIN-rail
  • Interfaces to any higher level M&C System


  • e.g. VSAT-Hub
  • SNG, SNG Central Station
  • TV-Uplink
  • Teleport
  • Monitoring of alarm contacts
  • Control of waveguide and coaxial switches
  • Redundancy switching with inhibit
  • Independend protection switching