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Mobile Router Case / Mobile Antenna Case

In order to accommodate the growing demand for mobile and transportable internet SatService GmbH provides different solutions. One is the satellite-based communication with NewsSpotter Ka-Band Terminal. The second one is together with Multichannel VIPRINET Router based on LTE and UMTS Service.

  • MRC - Mobile Router Case
  • MAC1 - Mobile Antenna Case 1
  • MAC2 - Mobile Antenna Case 2

MRC - Mobile Router Case

The MRC – Mobile Router Case is a lightweight and robust case for mobile internet or corporate LAN via a VIPRINET Multichannel VPN Router 510 – ideal for mobile streaming applications or simple internet access. All necessary parts are already integrated like the battery supported power supply, n-WLAN, Ethernet LAN-Switch, USB-Power Output and a fused loop through AC-Power output.

Viprinet multichannel VPN routers are well-known for their reliable and failsafe operation based on the bonding of different communication channels. Today’s available LTE-Technology provides a high data capacity via mobile networks and the MRC ensures a high data throughput. The included Viprinet router is accessible via an user-friendly website.

MAC1 - Mobile Antenna Case 1

The MAC1 – Mobile Antenna Case 1 is a lightweight and robust case with high gain omnidirectional and directional mobile communication antennas for LTE / UMTS that ensure high data throughput via mobile communication networks. The Mobile Antenna Case is an ideal extension for the MRC – Mobile Router Case - to get stable and reliable connections – especially on busy places or in rural regions.
For easy transportation, the case is equipped with roles and handle. Beyond that it serves as a stable pedestal for the antenna platform. The antennas provide a 5m low loss coax cable with N-Connectors for easy and fast connection to the router.

MAC2 - Mobile Antenna Case 2

In contrast to the MAC1, MAC2 is smaller and only equipped with high gain directional mobile communication antennas.