The number of interfaces of the VLC can be easily adapted to our customers needs. We use internal interface cards for 8 to 24 interfaces. If the number of interfaces exceeds the internal capabilities, we can provide a solution with external 19" rack-mountable equipment (terminal server). RS485/422 and RS232 interface are connected with DSUB-9 plug to the VLC. The DSUB-9 sockets are provided on a 19" patch panel.

Terminalservers are connected via Ethernet with the VLC and provide DSUB-9 sockets that can be configured as RS232, RS485 or RS422.

Alarm or relay contacts are attached to the sat-nms MNC System via the sat-nms IO-FEP.

sat-nms MNC Product Versions

The sat-nms VLC can be delivered in different basic configurations. Each system has a serial interface and an ethernet connector. Two serial interfaces are onboard and can be completed with additional interface cards.

  • MNC-0/0 : Basic version with 2x RS232
  • MNC-4/0 : additionally with 4x RS485/422
  • MNC-4/8 : additionally with 4x RS485/422 and 8x RS232
  • MNC-8/4 : additionally with 8x RS485/422 and 4x RS232
  • MNC-0/8 : additionally with 8x RS232
  • MNC-0/16: additionally with 16x RS232
  • MNC-0/24: additionally with 24x RS232
  • MNC-4/16: additionally with 4x RS485/422 and 16x RS232
  • MNC-32: free configurable 32x RS232, RS485 or RS422
  • MNC-64: free configurable 64x RS232, RS485 or RS422

Other combinations are available on request. By the way, the sat-nms devices Power Sensor, Beacon Receiver and Antenna Control Unit will be connected via Ethernet to the sat-nms MNC.