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sat-nms PS Power Sensor

The sat-nms PowerSensor manufactured by SatService GmbH is a measurement tool that measures the RF output power of 14 or 6GHz satellite communication signals and provides this information both on a web page via an internal web server or as M&C output information for control systems.

The sat-nms Power Sensor enables the sat-nms software to perform a precise power measurement even if the monitored and controlled Satcom equipment like TWT or SSPA amplifiers or converters do not provide the necessary capabilities or do not have the accuracy. Applications that include a transmitting power control loop need to measure the transmitting amplifier output power. While many amplifiers provide a built-in power sensor with adequate accuracy and resolution, some low-cost models do not. This power sensor is intended to be a supplement to such amplifiers or transceivers.

Key Features

  • Small mechanical Dimensions
  • Ethernet / TCP/IP Interface at the Power Sensor
  • HTTP Web Browser Interface
  • Unlimited Number of Clients possible
  • Relay Contact Output for Level Alarm
  • Each Power Sensor is electronically calibrated for Level and Temperature Linearity and therefore provides excellent Level Accuracy


  • Power Measurements
  • Pilot Measurement
  • The Power Sensor can operate as a stand-alone solution or fits into the overall sat-nms Network Management System solution provided by SatService
  • VSAT-Hub
  • SNG
  • TV-Uplink
  • Teleport