Network Management System & VSAT Local Controller

Based on an internal development project, SatService launched a Network Management System, which is a comprehensive software-based system providing monitoring & control of SCPC/MCPC VSAT terminals and in general for satellite ground stations.

The system consists of two key components:

sat-nms NMS Network Management System

The NMS is located at the central site, which may or may not be located at the site of a satellite ground station. The NMS uses the terrestrial telephone/ISDN system or the Internet to communicate with remote stations for monitoring and control purposes.

VSAT Local Controller

Each site of a satellite ground station is equipped with a VSAT Local Controller (VLC). The VLC is connected via telephone modem to the central sat-nms NMS and via local serial interfaces with the equipment to be monitored and controlled at the remote location.

This system is currently used in the Network Operation Center Hameln of Plenexis to control a complete VSAT network.

sat-nms NMS Network Management System

Informationen about the über die further development of this sat-nms Software Package are located here.