TV Uplink Earth Station David I and III

SatService delivered a TV Uplink Earth Station used for distribution of digital and analog TV signals to the SRG in Zurich. The system is equipped with several receivers for reception of SNG transmissions. In addition, this station is used to contribute feeds transmitted from mobile earth stations.

The current configuration allows reception in parallel on both polarization and in different frequency bands.

Based on the positive operational experience with the overall functionality, the SRG signed up follow-on contracts to upgrade existing stations in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano based on identical technology.

The earth station consists of

  • 3.7m motorized AntennaSystem
  • 2 analog TV Receivers (expandable)
  • 6 digital IRD/Receivers (expandable)
  • Transmitting capability for analog and/or digital TV signals
  • Redundant designed Transmitting System
  • Task-oriented Client/Server Software Architecture
  • Fully remote capability
  • Integrated in Videonet Network Management System