Upgrade NEC Satellite Ground Station

SatService upgraded two 7.6m satellite ground stations originally deliverd by NEC in 1992 for the SRG Schweiz. Both ground stations are used for EBU / Eurovision transmissions.

Please find the details about our Upgrade Package in this datasheet: NEC Upgrade.

The following sub systems were upgraded or replaced:

  • Receiving Systems
  • Antenna Tracking System (step-track) including sat-nms LBRX Beacon Receiver
  • HPA-System
  • Complete Monitoring & Control system
  • Integration in sat-nms NMS Network Management System

The antenna in Lugano is a receive-only station. The antenna in Zurich is used for sending and receiving. The sat-nms ACU-ODM Outdoor Module is in both stations integrated in the shelter because of the available large amount of space.