SAT - Bahnhof

For the SRG in Zurich, SatService realized an antenna array with 11 antennas used for feeding of TV signals. The antennas are cross-linked with a 64x32 switch matrix via fibre optic cable between the "SAT-Bahnhof" and SRG Central Station.

A second matrix (48x32) and another fibre optic cable provide a redundant path to redirect the TV signals in the case of entire failure of the SRG Central Station to a so-called average room.

The entire station consists of

  • 11x antennas with different diameters
  • 64x32 and 48x32 Switch Matrices
  • 70x optical links
  • 52x satn-nms LRXD14
  • 4x sat-nms LRXD28
  • patch panels
  • container with integrated racks