Upgrade of 19m and 18,3m KU Band Antenna for Media Broadcast GmbH

In 2011/2012 and 2013, SatService GmbH upgraded not only the antenna step tracking system, but also the complete drive system for the 19m Antenna Usingen II and for the 18,3m Antenna Usingen I operating in KU-Band. The antenna mechanics were built in 1982 with the mechanical configuration of 4 motors both in azimuth and elevation. This was state-of-the-art at that time and will always be used when you have a very huge satellite reflector respectively a very small beamwidth of the antenna. By using a new drive and torque control system developed and implemented by SatService GmbH, the antenna can be  positioned very accurately and can track the satellite very precisely without back lash. In this configuration, always 2 motors are electronically clamped between each other leading to zero backlash in all conditons even during gusty winds at higher wind loads.
  • 19m/18,3m KU-Band Antenna
  • Conversion from DC electric motors to 3 phase AC synchron motors
  • Completely new drive system for all 9 motors
  • sat-nms ACU-ODM module including Step Track expansion
  • sat-nms ACU-IDU indoor unit consisting of an industrial PC
  • SSI Encoder 19 bit for azimuth, elevation and polarization
  • sat-nms LBRX19 L-Band Beacon Receiver