sat-nms MNC Monitoring & Control System

sat-nms MNC Title

The sat-nms MNC is an off-the-shelf Monitoring & Control Solution for

  • Satellite ground stations
  • VSAT hubs and networks
  • SNG stations
  • Terrestrial applications
  • and more


We support ANY equipment with ANY remote control protocol on ANY interface.

sat-nms MNC Key Features

  • Open platform
    • Supports all protocols and all devices
    • Configuration instead of programming
    • Customers are free to change configuration and create drivers
    • Full documentation available
    • Northbound interface to third party software
  • Modular and extendable
    • Application logic capsuled in logical devices
    • Plugin infrastructure to add protocols and external interfaces
  • User friendly
    • Made by SATCOM experts together with our users
    • Virtual Device Driver Concept
    • Task and Device oriented graphical UI

Details sat-nms MNC

Client/Server Architecture

  • Full TCP/IP network based
  • All settings including UI definitions located on server
  • Efficient and event based communication between client and server requires only small bandwidth



  • Network interface
  • Serial interfaces
  • Parallel interface - Digital I/O

Server Platform

  • Hardware platform
    • 1 HU, rack mountable, compact and energy-efficient server
  • Virtualization
    • Linux KVM, VMWare, Virtual Box

Core Functionality

  • Monitoring & Control of equipment
    • Performed without any influence by any operator client
    • Connected equipment is polled and monitored continuously
    • Equipment polling is processed in parallel (multi-threaded)
    • Full control over all equipment
  • Alarming and Logging
    • Shows and logs events and alarms as they occurs
    • Stores monitored data in defined intervals
  • Logical Devices
    • Software modules for application logic
    • Provides additional value and functionality
    • Modular and configurable

sat-nms IO-FEP MNC Front-end Processor

sat-nms MNC Title

The sat-nms IO-FEP MNC Front-end Processor interfaces to any low level interface commonly used in satellite ground stations like equipment alarm contacts, waveguide- or coaxial-switches and other status signals. It provides opto-coupled in- and outputs and potential free relay output contacts. All these interfaces are then monitored and controlled locally in the sat-nms IO-FEP.

You can also integrate the sat-nms IO-FEP seamlessly in our sat-nms MNC. But also the integration in other monitoring solutions is possible because of SNMP, HTTP and RS232 interfaces. The sat-nms IO-FEP works also as a stand-alone system with a user-friendly web browser interface and an integrated event and alarm log.

sat-nms IO-FEP Key Features

  • Ethernet interface for SNMP and HTTP
  • Web browser user interface
  • Serial RS232 interface
  • 32 or 48 digital inputs
  • 6 relay outputs and 10 opto-coupler outputs
  • 8 or 16 connectors for waveguide switches
  • Includes redundancy switching functionality
  • Supports RF inhibit contacts of waveguide switches and HPAs
  • Including temperature measurement with up to 4 external PT-1000 sensors
  • Integrated alarm/ event logging
  • Compact design and mounted on a DIN-rail
  • Interfaces to any higher level M&C System

sat-nms IO-FEP applications

  • VSAT-Hub
  • SNG, SNG Central Station
  • TV-Uplink
  • Teleport
  • Monitoring of alarm contacts
  • Control of waveguide and coaxial switches
  • Redundancy switching with inhibit
  • Independend protection switching

other Members of sat-nms Monitoring & Control Product Family

sat-nms NMS

Network Management System

sat-nms IO-FEP

I/O Front End Processor - companion of MNC and NMS System for low level interfaces, but also available stand-alone

sat-nms QMON

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