sat-nms MANTN18/24 Electrical Motorized Antenna

Motorized Antenna MANTN

SatService has a long and successful history of small motorized antennas. In the beginning the main activities where in Ku-band frequency range (RX 10.7 to 12.75GHz / TX 13.75 to 14.5GHz) and due to the customer demands later on the activities where extended. One example are the L- and S-band frequency bands.

The sat-nms MANTN18/24 antenna is a fully electrical motorized 1.8m Antenna or 2.4m Antenna. The antenna can be electrical positioned in elevation, azimuth and if necessary, also in the polarization axis. The system can be used as a simple positioner or with the assistance of a beacon receiver and a software upgrade from positioner to step-track functionality in the sat-nms ACU-ODM module to track inclined orbit satellites. The customer operator interface is via web-browser, HTTP protocol via TCP/IP or via serial interface with an ASCII protocol. Certainly, the sat-nms MANTN18/24 antenna can also be fully integrated into the sat-nms MNC monitoring & control system. The sat-nms MANTN18/24 antennas are easy to install. For detailed information concerning installation instructions, please refer to the documentation section of this web site.


Typical application for which you can use these motorized antennas are:

  • occasional use SNG central station receive only antenna pointed to different satellites
  • monitoring antenna which can scan sequentially the orbital satellite arc
  • universal backup antenna to recover failed fixed satellite links on differnet satellites due to its motorization
  • universal up-link antenna to generate pilot signals, for example L-band pilot signals in INMARSAT satellite system


Motorized Antenna MANTN

In order to cover our user requirements, the system is divided into three main modules:

  • 1.8m or 2.4m Antenna including the necessary feed system
  • 2 axis Mount for azimuth and elevation
  • Electrical polarization adjustment if required
  • ACU-ODM Antenna Control Unit for electrical motorization in all three axis

For step-track mode a beacon receiver can be directly connected to the sat-nms ACU-ODM:

  • sat-nms LBRX L-Band Beacon Receiver

The compact design of sat-nms ACU Outdoor Module and sat-nms Beacon Receiver allows the integration of the complete Antenna Control Unit in a cabinet at the antenna.


Please find below some example configurations of antennas already manufactured and delivered by SatService GmbH:

antenna diameter /m RX frequency band /MHz TX frequency band /MHz RX polarisation TX polarisation
1.8 10700 to 12750 13750 to 14500 horizontal / vertical horizontal / vertical
2.4 10700 to 12750 13750 to 14500 horizontal / vertical horizontal / vertical
1.8 3600 to 4200 - RHCP / LHCP -
2.4 1518 to 1560 1626.5 to 1675 RHCP RHCP
3.7 1518 to 1560 1626.5 to 1675 RHCP RHCP
2.4 1100 to 1700 - RHCP -
2.4 1100 to 2500 - RHCP -


  • Wide Range 3axis controlled Antenna
  • Eutelsat / Intelsat approved Antenna
  • Web-based user-friendly Operator Interface
  • Together with sat-nms LBRX a complete step-track System in Cabinet at the Antenna
  • HTTP Protocol or RS232 for external M&C Interface