The sat-nms product family

  • based on SatService GmbH experience as system house and integrator
  • we started to develop software and hardware products in 2002
  • SatService put all its system integration experience in the development of these products
  • one of the major goals of our products is always to reduce overall implementation cost
  • developed, manufactured and tested by SatService GmbH in Germany

sat-nms product family overview

Antenna Control

Anything around satellite ground station antenna control and tracking systems including satellite beacon receivers

  • sat-nms ACU
  • sat-nms LBRX

Motorized Antennas

Complete satellite antennas in the size from 1,8m to 2,4m in frequency bands from L-, C-, Ku and Ka-Band.

  • sat-nms MANTN

Fiber Optical Links

Transmission of IF and L-band via fibre optical links 50 to 2150MHz, 950 to 2150MHz, 950 to 2450MHz

  • sat-nms LFRXTX
  • sat-nms LFRXTX-W
  • sat-nms LF20
  • sat-nms LFTRX

Monitoring & Control

Monitoring & Control and Network management software and complete systems including IO-frontend end processor for alarm, waveguide switches and contact closure and de-ice controller

  • sat-nms MNC
  • sat-nms NMS
  • sat-nms IO-FEP and IO-FEP2
  • sat-nms DEICE

L-Band Equipment

Active L-band splitter and distributors, LNB supply, switch matrix, signal management unit and components like impedance converters, couplers and matching pads

  • sat-nms LRXD
  • sat-nms LSM
  • sat-nms LSW
  • sat-nms SMU
  • sat-nms IC, IMCLL, LC, LD

Measurement Solutions

Carrier Qualitiy Monitoring software, Power Sensors, Radiometer Controller and Measurement Detector

  • at-nms QMON
  • sat-nms RMC and RMD
  • sat-nms PS

Legacy products

No longer in production or only on special request

  • sat-nms MRC/MAC
  • sat-nms Ka-Band Terminal

Name Designation

Each product developed and manufactured by SatService GmbH belongs to the sat-nms product family. To emphasize this the sat-nms acronym is placed in front of the model type. For example sat-nms MNC is the product designation for the monitoring & control system, sat-nms LBRX for our beacon receivers.